View Groups are the backbone of our church life. Our hope is that every member of our community would take time during their week to build relationships with the people they see on Sunday mornings. View Groups are our way of creating space to walk out your relationship with Jesus in community.


We gather in homes, coffee shops, and parks all over our community to share our lives with one another.

View Church Meet-Ups create opportunities to connect with people in our church outside of Sunday mornings. From July 7th-27th, pick a day, time, and location of your choice for your meet-up. Feel free to ask someone to host with you and invite your friends to join! These meet-ups can range from grabbing a coffee, to playing volleyball at the beach, to hosting a movie night, to going on a hike, playing games, or meeting up for dinner somewhere. The purpose is to provide opportunities for people to have a prearranged to a public place knowing that there is a community there for them.

You are able to host one of these, or multiple if you would like. Please follow the link below to sign up!